What can we do?


We can print on A3 and smaller (A4, A5, A6 etc, also non-A sizes). That’s because we have an amazing cutting machine that can cut up to 4cm thick stacks of paper in every straight-edge size. We can also print on thicker paper and on paper with different colours (except black). If you have certain special wishes or if you just want to see the possibilities, we encourage you to come visit us during the walk-in hour: we always like going on an adventure. If you already know exactly what you want to print, but we do not have that paper stocked, you can always get the paper yourself (saves us the trouble).

We use a multi functional office printer. Unfortunately, therefore, we cannot print without margins. The posters and flyers will normally have a white border around them. If you want, we can manually cut that off for you.

To order something with us please send us an e-mail at info@paperjamcollective.nl with the following info:

  • A file that’s preferably ready to go, pdf would be nice (we don’t do designing),
  • We will align non-aligned documents, center images etc. so if you don’t want that please let us know!
  • Instructions on size and thickness of paper,
  • Instructions on amount,
  • Black/white or coloured,
  • Where you want it delivered/can pick it up. We’re based in Amsterdam and do not have a delivery service (yet),
  • A clear deadline – if there’s a rush because of actions/demonstrations please tell us!

You can also fill out the contact form or come by during the walk-in hour!


We have two button sizes, the smallest size (25mm) and one size bigger (38mm). We make these buttons by hand so large orders can take a while. If you have a cool design you want made into buttons there are two options:

  • Upload the file, making it a minimum of 1000x1000pixels and order this through the contact form.
  • Format it yourselves (if you have photoshop) in this file (25mm or 38mm). This is a bit difficult, since there are three rings in the file. We will try to explain:
    • The inner most ring should hold the picture, everything outside that ring will not be visible on the buttons
    • The second ring should be coloured in the same colour you want, this will show on the side of the button.
    • The outer ring you can ignore, but please leave it visible because otherwise it is very hard to center the image.

If you have any questions, please come by or send us an e-mail, we are very willing to help! 🙂

You can also pick and chose the design you want from the huge number of designs we already have.

Paper sort

  • White 80 gr paper (A4 + A3)
  • White120 gr A3 en A4 paper
  • White 160gr A4 paper
  • Biotop 80 gr A4 paper
  • Biotop 250 gr A4 paper
  • Coloured 120 gr A4 paper


Recently we bought a bookbinding machine. This means we are trying out making actual books! The machine works by using hot-melt glue to glue the cover on. We are trying to keep the costs as low as possible, but we do need to use special paper in order to stop the books coming apart easily. Therefore we use special A5 paper.

For more information about the possibilities, send us an email!

Bandanas & Flags

We have hand-made bandanas and flags available at some moments. These will not always be in stock, nor will all the different colour combinations be available at all times. Therefore, please send us an e-mail if you are interested!

Plans for the future

The Paper Jam collective seeks to perform an infrastructural task and support revolutionary struggle. Therefore we are always looking for input from people. If there are services that you would like us to provide (that we currently are not), please let us know. We exist to support and strengthen struggle, so we also want to be guided by the needs of those in the struggle. We are for instance thinking about looking into printing stickers and screen printing. We are currently working on fixing an A0-printer. Yes, A0. We know. But anyways, if you have any ideas let us know!