About us & disclaimer

How did we start?

A group of friends and comrades came together out of various movements, dissatisfied with the lack of infrastructure in the revolutionary movement. We know from experience, nothing is as annoying as having ideas but no resources or networks of mutual aid to make things happen. For instance, sneakily printing flyers to overthrow your boss after work hours desperately trying to not get caught, getting yelled at by professors in the university because you’re using ‘their printer’ or paying extortionate amounts of money in a printshop while only getting paper jams.

We started out mainly catering to a close group of activists and friends, students etc. We’ve been slowly reaching out to more organizations and are very excited of what the future holds. We saw the need for a more infrastructurally oriented way of movement building, well, here we are. Help us out! We’re just comrades who want to help comrades. [vegan] Cheesy? It’s true though. Without your ideas we’re nothing, no mutual aid without the mutual. What we hope to do is connect different struggles. There are loads and loads of amazing people and organisations working on loads of different small projects, without much relation or communication between them. We want to be a nexus within the movement, connecting peoples, linking struggles and building the revolution. We all have different capabilities, different resources. We need to start working together, there’s a very clear enemy out there. Let’s break down their world and start building our own. We think that collectively we can make the world a beautiful place. Let’s start by postering everything, on everything. Non-commercially? No! We’re bloody anticapitalist! That’s why we are flexible with our asked donations, that’s why you can call us at six in the morning for your demonstration

Since the Paper Jam collective seeks to perform an infrastructural task and support revolutionary struggle, we are always looking for input from people. If there are services that you would like us to provide (that we currently are not), please let us know. We exist to support and strengthen struggle, so we also want to be guided by the needs of those in the struggle. We are for instance trying to look into printing stickers and are momentarily working on fixing an A0-printer. Yes, A0. We know. But anyways, if you have any ideas let us know!

How can you help?

By ordering all your propaganda and revolutionary paraphernalia with us, by inviting us to your event so we can distribute our collection of radical zines, stickers and buttons. We are also working on translating texts (mainly English to Dutch and Dutch to English) if you want to help out with that, please let us know, because that would be amazing. A final thing: If you are or know of someone who knows about mechanics (the more relevant to printers the better) we would love to hear from you, since we run into technical problems from time to time and can always use a helping hand/mind.

We are Paper jam.
Pleased to meet you.


Wat mensen doen met het materiaal dat de paperjam produceert is geheel aan die mensen. De Paper Jam keurt iedere vorm van illegale verspreiding af en verzoekt iedereen dringend om niet wild te plakken, daar te flyeren waar dat niet is toegestaan of anderzijds dingen te doen met materiaal geproduceert door de Paperjam die niet toegestaan zijn door de staat der Nederlanden.