You can also order buttons, we make 25mm and 38mm buttons. We can do both a plastic back (stronger) or a metallic back. We have a large amount of designs that we spread ourselves. You can check out the library to see if there’s anything in there you like. You can order by sending us an email with the amount of buttons you’d like of which design and size. We can make them and we can make an appointmet to pick them up. We’d like to order at least then at a time: making buttons is a hellish job.

Do you have your own buttonmachie? For every button in the library, we have a file we use to print them out. We can send these to you if you’d like

how to order

We have two button sizes, the smallest size (25mm) and one size bigger (38mm). The process of making these buttons is by hand so a large order can take a while. If you have a nice design you want made into a button there are two options:

  • Upload the file, please make it a minimum of 1000x1000pixels and order through the contactform.
  • Format it yourselves (if you have photoshop) in this file (25mm or 38mm). This is a bit difficult, since there are three rings in the file. We will try to explain:
    • The inner most ring should hold the picture, everything outside that ring will not be visible on the buttons
    • The second ring should be coloured in the same colour you want, this will show on the side of the button.
    • The outer ring you can ignore, but please leave it visible because otherwise it is very hard to center the image.

If you have any questions, please come by or send us an e-mail, we are very willing to help! 🙂

You can also pick and chose the design you want from the huge number of designs we already have.